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Call to Action

Concrete 6-Week Accountability Action Program towards your goals.

  • 45 minutes
  • 6-week course €323,-
  • Panamalaan

What can you expect?

Call 2 Action is an Accountable-Coaching-Program for the ones who want to stop procrastinating, start doing and creating their dreams. It’s a program for people who are having an idea and are needing the force and structure to put working-hours and start rolling the wheel. It is not a Coaching-Trajectory or a Therapeutical-Session. We are not going to treat traumas from early childhood. So if you are willing to be sitting on the sofa, drinking the same cup of thee after overviewing all the actions and results that you created on the week cause you DID and MADE actions and stop procrastination; then this program is for you. How does it work? You subscribe and immediately you get your ‘Starting-Kit’ where you will define the goals on what you want to work for 6 weeks, and maybe further. Then, every week we will have a Group-Call. Here we will work with tools to make it easier to achieve your goals, and in each Group-Call we will use the GPS-Questionnaire: This is like your own personal map and tracing tool. Beside the Group-Calls every week there are two Working-Sessions; a place where we will work together on our own stuff. And, last but not least, you will be able to have the first week one call with me to ‘Program’ your Doing-Machine and put it all in place. The GPS? The GPS-Questionnaire you will be acknowledging what you did and what you don't. Is like a BIG-MIRROR showing your progress and where to correct. Great to use it alone + in the Group Calls. Group Call’s? We will be on a call for ±45’. Here i'll bring you some extra tools, do some coaching on the spot and of course we will be using the GPS-Questionnaire in small groups and keep us accountable for your Working Sessions. Working Session? We will meet up two times a week for 60’ to work. Just a group of likeminded people working on their goals at their own tempo. We just keep the sphere to work together. What is Coaching on Action? This is me coaching you to the action. Offering you different approaches and language methodes to be more productive and efficient. We will work on the goals and generate operative solutions and questions to work on it. In short: Call2Action Accountable-Coaching-Program 6 Week edition is an online program to achieve goals and create actions towards your dreams. It’s an online environment where people from all around the Globe enable their potential and generate actions towards their desires. If you have any questions, please drop me a message!