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Working on your current needs for your unfolding ways

  • 1 hour
  • Tailormade Packages
  • Panamalaan

What can you expect?

In the sessions we work together exploring your map of inner reality and outer reality. We will work with your specific subjects and in the sessions you will choose the intensity you want/can manage. I guess it’s clear enough that you will also decide what you want to work on, and I can understand that sometimes you don’t have a clue where to start, and that's ok. Then we will do what is needed in order to clarify your starting point and from there we are going to use dynamic methods and work on it until the end point. The sessions and trajectories vary in terms of intensity and extension. This is because each client has a totally different need and approach. We’ll work on your needs, direction and intensity: indoors & outdoors. Passing through well known coaching methods & tools and some non-traditional approaches. All at the service of what is willing to be ‘unlocked’ and ‘rebalanced’ in you. In other words: we will start an inner-movement which will be reflected in your outer-matter. If you still have doubts or you are willing to book it immediately - let's have a short-call.