Discovering dynamics with a Systemic Approach

  • 4 hours
  • Price on request
  • Panamalaan

What can you expect?

Your team is always operating with specific goals and pressure. The team is immersed in a way of acting. All this can be repeatedly done, and sometimes time & energy consuming. Creating a new ‘perspective’ and acting upon the new insights will generate different dynamics which will enrich the team and its functioning. Teams activities are something that have been flying around for decades now. Sometimes completely a waste of time and resources; and other times extremely effective. Part of the effectieve impact is in the correct assessment of the current state of the team and the precise approach towards the situation. Working on an activity generates situations where teams can better understand and see their positions and way of acting upon others. This enriches the relations between colleagues and how results are achieved and create visibility to the team dynamics. Working with a systemic approach-perspective within the team will bring to the surface dynamics that might have not been seen. Those that everyone can relate to but have not been said. By example, clarity in positions & roles in the team and the organization is something I frequently hear. This leads teams to experience a time of friction and ‘malfunctioning'. Of course, this is relative to the parameter where and how it has been measured; but most of the time it can be established as a ‘new’ situation where clarity embeds all of the corners of the team. Making dynamic and low-friction interactions in the teams will deliver an increase of productivity and a ‘feeling’ of a safe environment. Depending on the size of the team and the organization I work with other professionals. From years I make all my interventions to the needs of the team and in-tune with the organization. For that we’ll need to first have some personal sessions to have a broader view of the current situation, past situation and desired state.