The Healthy Way

Working on needs, desires and balance from home

  • 1 hour
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What can you expect?

Working from home might have been a ‘wish’ for a lot of employees for a long time, but now this has become the reality of the day, it's getting more and more challenging for some organisations to keep their employers motivated, connected and on the task. Not all individuals react the same in new situations, and not all the contexts are the same for the employers; for example, some individuals need to deal with balancing work, family and free-time; while others deal with the lack of being in contact with their colleagues and other people. All this is new for most of the organisations. It’s a transition we all are witnessing where organizations are evaluating new structures and dynamics. Because I have been in the environment of health organisations and individual health I built a matrix and approaches that are of excellence in these times. Using them with enterprises and small organisations. Answering questions: -How do I keep teams and individuals motivated in the working stamina? -How do I keep interpersonal connections and a sense of satisfaction in current working tasks? -How am I going to keep myself 'happy' with the job? -When am I integrating my task to the big working flow? -What systems and amount of digital communication I want to implement? -When and why do I do what I do right now? Understanding the reason why things are needed to be done will unleash enthusiasm and motivation in the remote-teams. In these sessions we go into structures of working at home or abroad. We will create personal tailor made coaching for the individuals as well for the organization dynamic. Times of change. New paradigmas of working. Where silence is health. Connection is empowerment. And free-time is richness.