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Forest Dive

Immersion session on location (24h). Coaching & Balance.

  • 24 hr
  • Total price €1633,-
  • Panamalaan

What can you expect?

A lodge in the Netherlands. 600 hectares of forest. A little wooden house. Open fire. Lots of stars. Deers and wild-pigs. This you might get to experience if you go for 24hs coaching. It’s an experience of silence, insides and transformation. We’ll spend 24 hours exploring and discovering your inner world as well as through different activities reconnecting with your potential and maximum will of expression. We’ll tune-in beforehand to understand what are the essential subjects we will treat and recognise the direction to work; leaving space for interventions and exercises on the moment for the unfolding element. The impact of this deepness can be thrilling. We will work from your needs for 24 hours and leave the Wooden House with concrete results, tangible directions and inner transformation. Some people use it as a way of ‘zooming-out’ and re-finding inner-balance & peace-state. Sincerely, I saw so many different desires to work on: it’s still a new experience each time. Nevertheless, if you want to know more or you have doubts before booking - don't hesitate and book a short call.

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