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It's time to 

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No-nonsense coaching for the practical-minded and spiritual oriented.

Do you want to understand your current situation differently and create new perspectives for yourself? 

Do you want to observe and enjoy the unfolding future?

Let this be your eye-opener. A place of connexion, balance and power.

Just you and me, 

Taking the higher grounds and diving into your systems and dynamics.

“….Wie zich aan de bewegingen van de ziel kan overgeven, kan vorderingen maken.”

Bert Hellinger

About me

Creating profound experiences to empower and enlighten people and life.

I am a Patagonian living in Amsterdam.  

Originally from Argentina. I have been training and coaching in Europe for the last decade. In the private & public sector. 

Working with me is a dive into your Systems and Dynamics.​

Let's catch up. 

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